Reiki or Energy work is a natural way of healing the body and mind in unison. Healing comes in many forms; sometimes in physical relief, other times with mental clarity, and often with a combination of the two.

During an energy session we explore the body's energy fields and any blockages that may be present. Using energy we work to unclear the blockages. Intuitively we explore why the blockage(s) are present and what may be at the heart of creating those blocks. Each session lasts approximately and hour an half. Price 150.



Hypnotherapy can be used to overcome obstacles in your life. Fear of flying, grief, low self esteem are just a few examples of what can be resolved. Under a relax state we explore the internal dialog that keeps us locked inside an ever spinning hamster wheel. We learn new ways to break free from the internal chatter in a session(s) and see life from a fresh new perspective. Each session is approximately an hour and a half to 2 hours in length. Price is 150.


Past Life Regression

I have been asked if I believe it is possible to genuinely explore a past life experience and really recall actual details. My answer is always the same. I am not sure if it matters. By exploring past lives we are able to review our current lives and some repeated patterns that we find ourselves in. Regardless of our past life explorations being an actual factual account of a past life or of a more metaphorical journey, clients normally find answers for their current situations. Each session lasts approximately an hour and half to two hours. Price 150