Gurus, Healers and Spiritual leaders.....Oh My..... 

Since beginning this journey of energy healing, intuitive readings and hypnotherapy, many clients ask me:  Who do you follow? What books do you read? Who are your teachers? Who is helping you find your way? And who is your guru? Now, enter Renee. My Aunt, my friend and my coworker on many rather candidly open voice of reason....and yes, to this day...I sometimes still resist her voice of reason when the voice does not say what I want to hear. In due time, when I am ready for my message, my lesson and my learning curve....suddenly out of nowhere, my ears open and the sounds of her words trickle in. At that moment, and not one second prior, I am ready for my truth. 

When I was first learning about energy work and becoming more in tune with my intuitive abilities, I sought out a few teachers and read a few books. Each of the philosophies presented me with a glimpse of one person's perspective. An idea on how that person, healer, intuitive functioned. After each book, I would run to Renee and start exploring the new material.  More times than not, I would offer to lend her the book or buy her a copy. Most of the time she turned me down. Frustrated one day, I ranted  "Don't you want to still learn? I know we were certified, but we still have so much more to learn." To my amazement she simply said, "I am still learning". Really? What is that all about? You are too good for my books? How about we take another class? 

Renee simply reached out and said, "We have been given everything we need. We were made as a whole. Not one piece missing. Therefore I do not need a guru, or a teacher. I look within myself and to my higher belief system, and that is where I ask to learn from. Straight from the source itself. We were taught the fundamentals, now the journey is up to us." 

I sat back a bit startled....that was far too simple. What do you mean? What about the priests who lead mass, the Elders who manage the churches, the Ministers who show us right from wrong, the spiritual leaders who shed light upon our dark and lost souls? Huh, what about them? They must be the chosen ones. Where would we be without Master Souls and New Wave Channelers? Were we not to learn from these supreme beings of chosen holiness? Then it dawned on me.....who said they were chosen? Who gave them their power? Who deemed them to be the speakers of the truth? And who told us we must follow in their footsteps to avoid the lost soul syndrome? Hmm...... 

Could it be true? Do we really come as a complete package in this world and is our own personal God / Higher Source open to us at all times? We don't need a translator or a teacher? 

Now I am in no way saying your church, your priest or holy advisor is a fake or phony. I am absolutely in no way asking you to not attend church or drop your religious views. I would never ask you to stray from a belief system that feeds you and make you feel a part of a community doing good. I am however implying, if you were stripped of everything and dropped on a desert island alone, you would still be complete. Whoever you call your God knows exactly where you are and how to reach you. No translator, books, or tickets required. By simply asking....their guidance is open to you as it is to everyone.. 

You might be wondering why Renee and I still see clients if we have everything we need inside us all the time? A session for some is an introduction to a new way of thinking, a fresh perspective. For others, it's a luxury to have someone else move their energy. We like to say it's like having a massage from the inside out. Some clients need help with working through obstacles they are facing. Others suffer from physical or personal challenges and are looking for  relief or another perspective. In any event, we are always happy to help when needed. However....and yes, there is a big huge loud and clear however being waved around like an enormous white peace flag......we are not your gurus, we are not your spiritual leaders and we do not advise you to ever relinquish your views to follow our path or anyone else's path. We are simply two ladies who love what we do. 

Clients have called or emailed asking for insight or an intuitive answer to a dilemma. They were under the false impression that I had been gifted with an inside line to the big guy upstairs. Most times I would sit, listen and ask them questions. Hoping as a friend to help steer them to their own conclusions. Sometimes I would see the wheels turning and the understanding that they possessed everything they needed all Dorothy, from the Wizard of Oz. Others are unable to hear. They deny the fact that the source is a powerful presence within each and every one of us. They seek gurus, leaders, teachers, etc. hoping for a magical touch from the finger of the so called master healer which will endow them with a higher knowledge. Those people are still seeking. 

Sometimes I receive messages for people around me, some I randomly come across and others are friends I care for. I may pass along a message that hopefully helps, other times I may recommend they see a movie that will make sense to them on a deeper level. Clients ask how I do this. My answer is and always has been the same. I practice. I am in a constant state of learning... 

My Grandmother used to rub an egg over my stomach to rid me of the evil eye. When she was done, the egg was cooked. She spoke with my deceased grandfather all the time. My (deceased) grandfather told my (living) grandmother that I was pregnant with my daughter before I spoke a word of it to anyone. My Grandmother told me that Grandpa said there would be trouble, but that I would be fine. She was accurate. Some may say that being intuitive runs in my family. I beg to differ. It was a knowledge taught to her by her mother, which was taught to her by her mother, and so on. My grandmother was taught the fundamentals, but understood she had everything she needed within her at all times. 

Renee was right all along. Once we are shown the fundamentals (which many cultures other than our own embrace), it is up to us to learn and grow along our journey. The gurus,  healers and Spiritual leaders may be on their own journey, as they should. But never give your soul away to them....for you too were born perfect and have everything you need inside you. 

As Dorothy would say.....There's no place like home.  There's no place like home.