Mind, Body and Soul.....Integration

Back in the 90's I took a job as a receptionist for a local chiropractic office. My Dad greeted me with a chuckle and sneer...ranting that they were Voodoo doctors. If you know my father, he is quite opinionated....and science speaks a language he understands. 

I can't say that summer I learned much about chiropractic care or that I gained new insight into the inner workings of the spine. Each time the Dr. took a patient back......I wondered with each crack...was that the Voodoo spirits working or a man cracking a patient's back?

Fast forward a few decades and I came across an old school friend. One I had grown up with since early elementary school. She was having a small lecture of what it means to be an intuitive healer and receiving messages from beyond. Instantly I purchased my ticket for the event. I wanted to support her as well as, I must admit...I was quite curious if she too had crossed over to the dark side and was spewing Voodoo rants. 

The event was quite nice and her demeanor even more lovely than I had remembered from my youth. As she spoke that day, I remember looking around at the vast audience. Many people from different walks of life. That afternoon when I left, I still was not sure that any of what she claimed was true, but I did believe she was speaking her truth...and that was good enough for me. 

Curious, yet still not fully ready to admit this old friend wasn't under some sort of Voodoo spell herself, I made my very first Energy/Reiki appointment with her. That day I drove to my appointment nervously and wondered if it was it all crap or was there genuinely something to what she was doing. 

The door opened and I was immediately greeted with a friendly smile and hug. I will always remember this, she stood back and said, "wow.....I could feel you getting closer and closer. You are so squirrelly". She took her fingers and fluttered them up and down.


I stood back in complete disbelief. How could this woman, a person I haven't really seen or been in contact with for over a decade know this before I even arrived? I followed her to her office and lay on her table. That day, that session, and that woman, forever changed my path and belief system. I left there in awe of the truly honest and intuitive person she was, and still is. That woman taught me that the mind, the body and the soul all work in conjunction with each other; that when we choose to ignore one piece, the others suffer as well. 

I entered her home that day as a squirrelly energy, nervous, anxious, always trying to control life and prevent any of it's discomforts. I left there still anxious, but less nervous....knowing there was another way.....an alternate solution to the reality I had created for myself. 

To this day, I still listen to my very opinionated, yet highly intelligent father. He keeps me constantly questioning. Never take what one person says as truth....find out for yourself. Question, and know it's good to question. The person who feels threatened by questions, should feel threatened. The person who welcomes your questions, even when not in agreement, is meeting you with their honest truth. I take those rules and apply them to energy work, to Intuitive healing and to hypnotherapy. The attempt is to help clients see, what we believe and how we feel, affects our body and soul. I encourage my clients to constantly question life, my belief system and to find their own belief system.  If you are truly being honest, no one will ever know you better than you know yourself.

Since my initial meeting that day with an old friend and teacher, my mind has calmed. My body has healed. That does not mean I still do not suffer from ailments or that my mind is in a constant state of Zen.....I get skittish, but I've learned to own it, forgive it, and accept it. For that is what it means to live with a mind, body and soul connection.